On the skew spectral moments of trees and unicyclic graphs
On the skew spectral moments of trees and unicyclic graphs
Received:May 05, 2022  Revised:September 28, 2022
英文关键词:oriented graph, skew spectral moment, $T$-order, tree, unicyclic graph
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YAPING WU School of Artificial Intelligence, Jianghan University School of Artificial Intelligence, Jianghan University, Wuhan,Hubei Province
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      Given a simple graph $G$, the oriented graph $G^\sigma$ is obtained from $G$ by orienting each edge and $G$ is called the underlying graph of $G^\sigma$. The skew-symmetric adjacency matrix $S(G^\sigma)$ of $G^\sigma$, where the $(u,v)$-entry is 1 if there is an arc from $u$ to $v$, and -1 if there is an arc from $v$ to $u$ (and 0 otherwise), has eigenvalues of 0 or pure imaginary. The $kth$-skew spectral moment of $G^\sigma$ are the sum of power $k$ of all eigenvalues of $S(G^\sigma)$, $k=0,1,2,\cdots.$ The skew spectral moments can be used to produce graph catalogues. In this paper, we researched the skew spectral moments of some oriented trees and oriented unicyclic graphs, and produced their catalogues in lexicographical order. we determined the last 2$\lfloor\frac{d}{4}\rfloor$ oriented trees with underlying graph of diameter $d$ and the last 2$\lfloor\frac{g}{4}\rfloor+1$ oriented unicyclic graphs with underlying graph of girth $g$, respectively.
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