Volume 24,Issue 3,2004 Table of Contents

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Bayes Estimation of Causal Effect for a Counterfactural Model
  XU Jing and ZHENG Zhong-guo
  2004,24(3):381-387 [Abstract(3391)]  [View PDF]
A Note on the Laplacian Eigenvalues
  ZHANG Xiao-dong and LI Jiong-sheng
  2004,24(3):388-390 [Abstract(2194)]  [View PDF]
A Probabilistic Interpretation to Umbral Calculus
  SUN Ping and WANG Tian-ming
  2004,24(3):391-399 [Abstract(2810)]  [View PDF]
Regular Factor in Vertex Transitive Graphs
  OU Jian-ping and ZHANG Fu-ji
  2004,24(3):400-404 [Abstract(2088)]  [View PDF]
Edge-Tenacity in Graphs
  WANG Zhi-ping,REN Guang and ZHAO Lian-chang
  2004,24(3):405-410 [Abstract(2743)]  [View PDF]
Some Relations on Generalizations of Injective Rings
  ZHAO Yu-e and DU Xian-neng
  2004,24(3):411-417 [Abstract(1979)]  [View PDF]
On the Existence of p-Blocks with a Given p-Group as Defect Group G
  WANG Li-zhong
  2004,24(3):418-420 [Abstract(1894)]  [View PDF]
Perturbation Analysis for the Drazin Inverses of Bounded Linear Operators on a Banach Space
  CAI Jing and CHEN Guo-liang
  2004,24(3):421-429 [Abstract(2166)]  [View PDF]
On the Jacobi Elliptic Function Expansion Method
  CHEN Huai-tang and ZHANG Hong-qing
  2004,24(3):430-436 [Abstract(2208)]  [View PDF]
Strong Converse Inequality for Modified Szász Operators
  YANG Ru-yue,XIONG Jing-yi and CAO Fei-long
  2004,24(3):437-444 [Abstract(1839)]  [View PDF]
A Trust-region Algorithm for Nonlinear Constrained Optimization Problem
  TONG Xiao-jiao and ZHOU Shu-zi
  2004,24(3):445-460 [Abstract(1869)]  [View PDF]
Some Results on Instability of Yang-Mills Field of Submanifolds in Euclidean Space and Standard Sphere
  LI Xing-xiao and CAO Lin-fen
  2004,24(3):461-472 [Abstract(2038)]  [View PDF]
On Compact-Covering and Stratified Strong s -Mappings
  LIN Jin-jin and LI Ke-dian
  2004,24(3):473-477 [Abstract(2226)]  [View PDF]
Strong Summability with Weights for Cesàro Operator on n- Sphere
  HONG Yong
  2004,24(3):478-482 [Abstract(2063)]  [View PDF]
K -Very Convex Space and K -Very Smooth Space
  XIAN Jun and LI Yong-jin
  2004,24(3):483-492 [Abstract(2794)]  [View PDF]
A Class of Discrete Type Bellman-Bihari Inequalities and Their Application
  GAO Qing-ling
  2004,24(3):493-499 [Abstract(1907)]  [View PDF]
Hermitian Matrix Equation
  YANG Chang-lan and WANG Long-bo
  2004,24(3):500-502 [Abstract(2543)]  [View PDF]
Additive Maps Preserving Group Inverses of Matrics over Fields
  BU Chang-jiang and CAO Chong-guang
  2004,24(3):503-507 [Abstract(2071)]  [View PDF]
Some Sufficient Conditions for Jacobson's Conjecture
  CHEN Liang-yun and ZHANG Yong-zheng
  2004,24(3):508-512 [Abstract(2098)]  [View PDF]
The Decomposition of Infinite Matrices on a Division Ring
  ZHU Chang-jie and CHEN Guo-long
  2004,24(3):513-519 [Abstract(1788)]  [View PDF]
A Class of Graceful Graphs
  YANG Yuan-sheng,RONG Qing and XU Xi-rong
  2004,24(3):520-524 [Abstract(2779)]  [View PDF]
The Spectrum of Simple Self-Converse DTS(ν,λ)
  TIAN Zi-hong and KANG Qing-de
  2004,24(3):525-540 [Abstract(3123)]  [View PDF]
The Second Largest Eigenvalue of Trees
  TAN Shang-wang and GUO Ji-ming
  2004,24(3):541-548 [Abstract(2688)]  [View PDF]
On Implication Algebras Based on Lattices and Their Dual Algebras
  ZHU Yi-quan
  2004,24(3):549-555 [Abstract(2096)]  [View PDF]
Analytic Function Represented by Dirichlet Series of Complex Exponents
  DENG Guan-tie
  2004,24(3):556-558 [Abstract(1939)]  [View PDF]
The Boundary Nevanlinna-Pick Interpolation In the Class S[a,b]
  WU Hua-zhang
  2004,24(3):559-568 [Abstract(2159)]  [View PDF]
A Review of Kuang's Book "Applied Inequalities"(3rd Edition)
  HSU L. C.
  2004,24(3):569-570 [Abstract(4338)]  [View PDF]