Volume 41,Issue 6,2021 Table of Contents

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The Intersection Problem for Kite-GDDs of Type $2^{u}$
  Yonghong AN, Guizhi ZHANG
  2021,41(6):551-564 [Abstract(208)]  [View PDF 149.64 K (285)]
Unicyclic Graphs with Five Laplacian Eigenvalues Different from 0 and 1
  Mengyue YUAN, Fei WEN, Muchun LI
  2021,41(6):565-578 [Abstract(214)]  [View PDF 218.79 K (221)]
Coefficient Related Problem Studies for New Subclass of Bi-Univalent Functions Defined by $(s,t)$-Derivative Operator and Quasi-Subordination
  En AO, Shuhai LI, Huo TANG
  2021,41(6):579-593 [Abstract(201)]  [View PDF 153.22 K (176)]
Weighted Composition Operators on the Symmetric Fock Space
  Changbao PANG, Jin LI, Shasha LI, Liankuo ZHAO
  2021,41(6):594-606 [Abstract(195)]  [View PDF 124.66 K (171)]
A Refined Regularity Criterion for $3$D Liquid Crystal Equations Involving Horizontal Velocity
  Xiaoli CHEN, Xiujuan ZHA
  2021,41(6):607-614 [Abstract(162)]  [View PDF 116.77 K (125)]
Lipschitz Shadowing Property for 1-Dimensional Subsystems of $\mathbb{Z}^{k}$-Actions
  Lin WANG, Jinlian ZHANG
  2021,41(6):615-628 [Abstract(169)]  [View PDF 154.69 K (126)]
Optimal Lagrange Interpolation of a Class of Infinitely Differentiable Functions
  Mengjin MA, Hui WANG, Guiqiao XU
  2021,41(6):629-638 [Abstract(164)]  [View PDF 140.19 K (156)]
Large Deviations for a Test of Symmetry Based on Kernel Density Estimator of Directional Data
  Mingzhou XU, Kun CHENG
  2021,41(6):639-647 [Abstract(163)]  [View PDF 130.84 K (129)]
$G^{2}$ Blending of Cubic Pythagorean Hodograph Curves with Prescribed Total Arc Length
  Yongxia HAO, Lianxing LIAO
  2021,41(6):648-658 [Abstract(145)]  [View PDF 181.53 K (123)]