Some properties of solutions for some types of $q$-difference equations originated from $q$-difference Painlev\''{e} equation
Received:July 22, 2019  Revised:April 18, 2020
Key Word: meromorphic function   q-difference equation   zero order  
Fund ProjectL:The National Natural Science Foundation of China(11561033, 11761035)
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Hong Yan Xu Shangrao Normal University 
Xiumin Zheng Jiangxi Normal University 
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      In this paper, we mainly investigate some properties of meromorphic solutions for several q-difference equations, which can be seen the q-difference analogues of Painev\''{e} equations. Some results about the existence and the estimates of growth of meromorphic solution f for q-difference equations are obtained, especially for some estimates for the exponent of convergence of poles of \Delta_qf(z):=f(qz)-f(z), which extends some previous results by Qi and Yang.
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