Complete classification of flag-transitive point-primitive 2-designs with socle M11
Received:October 14, 2019  Revised:April 10, 2020
Key Word: 2-design, flag-transitive, point-primitive, Mathieu group  
Fund ProjectL:NSFC(No:11801092);the Characteristic Innovation Project (Natural Science) of Guangdong Province(No:2018KTSCX160); the Funds of Guangzhou Science and Technology(No:201804010088)
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Delu Tian Guangdong University of Education 
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      In recent years several authors have determined some 2-designs with flag-transitive point-primitive automorphism group $G$ of almost simple type with sporadic socle. Here we obtain the complete classification of flag-transitive point-primitive non-trivial $2$-designs with socle $M_{11}$, and find that there are precisely 14 such nonisomorphic 2-designs.
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