Gorenstein hereditary and FP-injectivity over formal triangular matrix rings
Received:November 19, 2019  Revised:July 12, 2020
Key Word: Gorenstein (semihereditary) hereditary   triangular matrix ring   FP-injective module   n-FC ring  
Fund ProjectL:The National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program, Key Program, Major Research Plan)
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meiqi Yan Beijing University of Technology yanmeiqi@emails.bjut.edu.cn 
hailou Yao Beijing University of Technology yaohl@bjut.edu.cn 
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      Over a formal triangular matrix ring we study Gorenstein (semihereditary) hered- itary, nitely presented and FP-injective modules. we provide necessary and sucient con- ditions for such rings to be Gorenstein (semihereditary) hereditary and investigate when a triangular matrix ring is an n-FC ring. Some applications are then given.
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