Three-way granular approximations based on bisimulations
Received:March 01, 2020  Revised:March 07, 2021
Key Word: three-way decision   bisimulation   three-way approximation  
Fund ProjectL:National Natural Science Foundation of China (61473181 and 11771263)
Author NameAffiliationAddress
Zhilian Guo Northwest University of Political Science and Law 陕西师范大学长安校区家属区12号楼1单元0402
Hailong Yang Shaanxi Normal University 陕西师范大学数学与信息科学学院95信箱
Lijuan Zhang Shaanxi Normal University 陕西师范大学数学与信息科学学院95信箱
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      In this paper, we propose three-way granular approximations (3WGAs) based on bisimulations. We discover the relationships between 3WGAs based on underlying relations and 3WGAs based on bisimilarity (the largest bisimulation induced by an underlying relation).
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