Infimum of Topological Entropies of Homotopy Classes of Maps on Infra-solvmanifolds of Type(R)
Received:April 29, 2020  Revised:October 20, 2020
Key Word: infimum, topological entropy, homotopy, infra-solvmanifold of type(R)  
Fund ProjectL:Supported by Research Foundation of Bozhou for the Introduction of Talents, Natural Science Foundation in Universities of Anhui Province(KJ2019A1300)
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Baojun HUANG School of Mathematical Science, Huaibei Normal University 淮北师范大学数学系
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      Let f be a continuous map on infra-solvmanifold M of type(R) and N∞(f) be the asymptotic Nielsen number of f . In this paper , the sufficient conditions to assure that logN∞(f) is the infimum of topological entropies of the homotopy class of the map f are given by using Nielsen fixed point theory. These conclusions will generalize the similar results on infra-nilmanifolds.
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