Spatial Dynamics of Competing Model in a Periodic Unstirred Chemostat with nonlocal delay
Received:May 29, 2020  Revised:October 21, 2020
Key Word: Chemostat   nonlocal delay   competition exclusion principle   coexistence  
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wujun Pu department of mathematic,longnan teacher^s college 甘肃成县陇南路34号
ya Wang School of Mathematics and Statistics, Lanzhou University, 
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      In this paper, we propose two species competition model in a chemostat that uses a nonlocal delayed chemostat model of a single species feeding on a periodically varying input nutrient. By the theory of semigroup, the existence and uniqueness of solution of the system is obtained. Furthermore, we show the competitive exclusion principle for the model, and the sucient conditions of the coexistence of the system is established.
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