Mk-Type Sharp Estimates and Boundedness on Morrey Space for Toeplitz Type Operators Associated to Fractional Integral and Singular Integral Operator with Non-Smooth Kernel
Received:July 09, 2020  Revised:July 09, 2020
Key Word: Toeplitz type operator   Singular integral operator   Fractional integral operator   Sharp maximal function   BMO   Morrey space.  
Fund ProjectL:Scientific Research Foundation of Hunan Provincial Education Department
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Dazhao Chen Shaoyang University 湖南省邵阳学院七里坪校区理学院办公室
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      Abstract: In this paper, we prove the Mk-type sharp maximal function estimates for the Toeplitz type operators associated to the fractional integral and singular integral operator with non-smooth kernel. As an application, we obtain the boundedness of the operators on the Morrey space.
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