Existence of Solutions for A Nonlocal Problem with Variable Exponent Operator
Received:September 19, 2020  Revised:December 17, 2020
Key Word: Variational methods   nonlocal problem   critical point theory   (p(x),q(x))-Laplacian-like operator   weak solutions  
Fund ProjectL:Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (Grant No.31920180041)
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shen-gui zhang College of Mathematics and Computer Science, Northwest University for Nationalities 甘肃省兰州市城关区白银路305号 浩森银座3单元702
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      The purpose of this paper is to investigate a nonlocal Dirichlet problem with (p(x),q(x))-Laplacian-like operator originated from a capillary phenomena. Using the variational methods and the critical point theory, we establish the existence of infinitely many weak solutions for this problem.
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