Nilpotent structures of generalized semicommutative rings
Received:April 04, 2021  Revised:June 22, 2021
Key Word: nilpotent a-semicommutative rings   a-rigid rings   a-semicommutative rings   polynomial rings  
Fund ProjectL:the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province of China
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Liang Zhao Anhui University of Technology 243032
Ping He Anhui University of Technology 243032
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      We study the nilpotent structures of generalized semicommutative rings. The new concept of nilpotent a-semicommutative rings is defined and studied. This class of rings is closely related to many well-known concepts including semicommutative rings, asemicommutative rings and weak a-rigid rings. An example is given to show that a nilpotent a-semicommutative ring need not be a-semicommutative. Various properties of this class of rings are investigated. Many known results relate to the various semicommutative properties of rings are generalized and unified.
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