Volume 12,Issue 1,1992 Table of Contents

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Time Behaviour of Solution of the Porous Medium Equation with Absorption
  Yang Jinshun and Zhao Junning
  1992,12(1):1-12 [Abstract(1807)]  [View PDF]
  1992,12(1):13-20 [Abstract(1765)]  [View PDF]
The Stability of Bifurcate Solutions for a Kind of Nonlinear Equations
  Yin Qun
  1992,12(1):21-27 [Abstract(2061)]  [View PDF]
Some Theorems for the Ranges of Perturbed m-accretive Operators
  Yang Guanghong
  1992,12(1):28-32 [Abstract(1918)]  [View PDF]
On Existence of Solution for the Set-Valued System x∈F(x,y),y∈G(x,y)
  Lin Qiang
  1992,12(1):33-36 [Abstract(1940)]  [View PDF]
On the Geometric Property and Application of a Cone Which Allows Plastering
  Han Zhiqing
  1992,12(1):37-40 [Abstract(1863)]  [View PDF]
Boundedness of Littlewood-Paley Operators and Marcinkiewicz Integral on εa,p
  Qiu Sigang
  1992,12(1):41-50 [Abstract(1977)]  [View PDF]
Almost Second Countable Spaces, Almost First Countable Spaces and Almost Separable Spaces
  Gao Yinzhu
  1992,12(1):51-58 [Abstract(2075)]  [View PDF]
2-Carleson Measures and Bloch Functions on the Unit Polydisc Dn in Cn
  Wulan Hasi
  1992,12(1):59-65 [Abstract(1835)]  [View PDF]
  1992,12(1):66-70 [Abstract(2034)]  [View PDF]
A Generalization of V-Rings and Torsion Theory
  Zhou Meng
  1992,12(1):71-79 [Abstract(1925)]  [View PDF]
Inequalities for the Partial Trace of Matrix Exponential
  Cheng Ling
  1992,12(1):80-82 [Abstract(2292)]  [View PDF]
A New Globally Convergent Algorithm for Nonlinear Constrainted Optimization Problems
  Wei Zhenxin
  1992,12(1):83-87 [Abstract(2416)]  [View PDF]
On the Complete System of Residues in Dedeking Domain
  Gao Weidong
  1992,12(1):88-90 [Abstract(1809)]  [View PDF]
On Singular Value Inequalities for Quaternion Matrix Products
  Xi Boyan
  1992,12(1):91-94 [Abstract(2119)]  [View PDF]
Relative Hereditary Rings
  Guo Yu
  1992,12(1):95-100 [Abstract(1958)]  [View PDF]
Homological Properties of PS-Rings
  Yue Qin
  1992,12(1):101-106 [Abstract(1915)]  [View PDF]
Some Theorems of Self-Conjugate Matrices over the Strong p-Division Ring
  Zhang Shuqing
  1992,12(1):107-111 [Abstract(1971)]  [View PDF]
On Uniformity Problem of Judgment Matrix
  Hu Yuda and Lu Jingkui
  1992,12(1):112-116 [Abstract(2020)]  [View PDF]
The Spaces ∧α of Lipschitz Continuous Functions on Complete Riemannian Manifold with Nonnegative Curvature
  Li Jiayu
  1992,12(1):117-126 [Abstract(2170)]  [View PDF]
On 3-Dimensional Totally Real Minimal Submanifolds in a Complex Projective Space
  Guo Xiaoying and Shen Yibing
  1992,12(1):127-130 [Abstract(2284)]  [View PDF]
  1992,12(1):131-136 [Abstract(1739)]  [View PDF]
Uniform Approximation By Combinations of Gauss-Weierstrass Operators
  Xuan Peicai
  1992,12(1):137-142 [Abstract(1826)]  [View PDF]
  1992,12(1):143-148 [Abstract(1809)]  [View PDF]
On the Numerical Unstability of Cayley-Hamilton Method for Matrix Inversion
  Deng Jianxin
  1992,12(1):149-152 [Abstract(2623)]  [View PDF]
A Note on Metrization Theorem
  Lin Shou
  1992,12(1):153-155 [Abstract(1938)]  [View PDF]
  1992,12(1):156-158 [Abstract(1955)]  [View PDF]