Journal of Mathematical Research with Applications (JMRA), formerly Journal of Mathematical Research and Exposition (JMRE), has been changed to its present name since 2012 with ISSN changed from 1000-341X to 2095-2651, and CN from 21-1208/O1 to 21-1579/O1. JMRE was founded in 1981 by  Professor L. C. Hsu.  This journal is one of the transactions of China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, which is a top level academic society in China with good reputation in Chinese academic community. This journal is co-sponsored by Dalian University of Technology and China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. At present, Professors Lei Guo, Yufeng LU and Zhenxin LIU  are the co-editors of the journal.

    JMRA is a home for original research papers of high quality in all areas of mathematics with applications. The target audience comprises: pure and applied mathematicians, graduate students in broad fields of sciences and technology, and scientists and engineers interested in mathematics. The journal is dedicated to publishing first-rate research papers in English and making the research findings available to a wide scientific community, as it has for many years. More than 4000 papers had been published in this journal before its name changes, including those contributed by some famous mathematicians such as K. L. Chung, P. L. Butzer, and so on. A paper published in this journal [3(1):185,1983] by P. L. Butzer has been cited more than fifty times in SCI journal papers. The contributors to this journal come from more than 10 countries, including China, USA, UK, Japan, India and Russian.  

    This journal is indexed/reviewed in many international databases such as American “Mathematical Reviews” (MR), “American Current Mathematical Publications” (CMP), Germany “Zentralblatt fÜr Mathematik und ihre Grenzgebiete”, and Russian “Реферативньюй Журнал” (Journal Abstracts (AJ)) . Moreover this journal is indexed by almost all the periodical databases in China, including Chinese Journal Full-text Database (CJFD), China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), Wanfang Data Digital Periodicals, Chinese Core Periodicals and so on. In 2000, this journal ranked the second in the Chinese Core Journals Ranking. This journal has already been included as one of the source journals generally evaluated as the core of Chinese core journals by Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD) since 1993 when the database was established.

    In 2021, this journal was selected into the "Mathematics Journal Grading Table" issued by the Chinese Mathematical Society, and into the "World Journal Clout Index (WJCI) Report (2020STM)" (referred to as "WJCI Report", see The journals selected in the "Mathematics Journal Grading Table" and "WJCI Report" are regarded as outstanding journals with regional and subject representativeness.