Volume 16,Issue 4,1996 Table of Contents

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A Class of Solvable (q)-Groups
  Zhang Qinhai
  1996,16(4):479-487 [Abstract(1818)]  [View PDF]
Characterizations of Irreducible M-Matrices (II)
  Li Wen
  1996,16(4):488-492 [Abstract(1776)]  [View PDF]
Some Notes on G-Matlis Reflexive Modules
  Huang Zhaoyong
  1996,16(4):493-496 [Abstract(1713)]  [View PDF]
Some Conclusions on Categories with Terminal Objects
  Wang Shaowu and Yu Yongxi
  1996,16(4):497-504 [Abstract(1816)]  [View PDF]
Consistent Residuals Density Estimation in Nonparametric Regression Under m(n)-Dependent Sample
  Qin Gengsheng
  1996,16(4):505-516 [Abstract(2204)]  [View PDF]
Admissible Linear Estimation for the Binomial Parameter n
  Yang Yaning
  1996,16(4):517-520 [Abstract(1814)]  [View PDF]
On Hilbert-Ingham Inequality and Its Applications
  Hu Ke
  1996,16(4):521-525 [Abstract(1844)]  [View PDF]
Spectral Mapping Theorems for C-Semigroups
  Song Xiaoqiu
  1996,16(4):526-530 [Abstract(2172)]  [View PDF]
Two Subsets an the Triangulation of a Planar Point Set
  Xu Yinfeng and Yang Boting
  1996,16(4):531-540 [Abstract(1978)]  [View PDF]
A Saturation Result for Bernstein-Durrmeyer Polynomials in Wighted Norm
  Cui Zhenlu
  1996,16(4):541-545 [Abstract(1721)]  [View PDF]
On the Convexity of Functional Splines and Its Application
  Liu Songtao and Liu Genhong
  1996,16(4):546-548 [Abstract(1893)]  [View PDF]
On the Mean Value Formula of the Derivative of Hurwitz Zeta-Function
  Guo Jinbao
  1996,16(4):549-553 [Abstract(1768)]  [View PDF]
On the Upper Bounds for Class Numbers of Cyclotomic Fields and Their Maximal Real Subfields
  Le Maohua
  1996,16(4):554-556 [Abstract(1890)]  [View PDF]
Embedding a Simplex with Prescribedd Dihedral Angles in Spherical Space Sn,r
  Yang Shiguo
  1996,16(4):557-560 [Abstract(1763)]  [View PDF]
A Conjecture on Gerber′s Inequality
  Leng Gangsong
  1996,16(4):561-564 [Abstract(1724)]  [View PDF]
On Property (u) and Its Lifting on lp(Xn
  Lin Guihua
  1996,16(4):565-569 [Abstract(2001)]  [View PDF]
The Weak Local Zk -Property of Banach Spaces
  He Zongxiang and Li Qingde
  1996,16(4):570-574 [Abstract(2133)]  [View PDF]
Some Vector-Valued Measures and Their Properties
  Lin Yixing
  1996,16(4):575-578 [Abstract(1865)]  [View PDF]
A Characterization of the Draz in Inverse
  Zhang Liping and Wang Yiju
  1996,16(4):579-582 [Abstract(2015)]  [View PDF]
Lattice of Ideals and Normal Radicals of Endomorphism Rings of Modules
  Wang Junmin and Pen Liangang
  1996,16(4):583-588 [Abstract(1930)]  [View PDF]
A Functor Defined on Category RMRl and Category A Grn0
  Liu Yuren
  1996,16(4):589-593 [Abstract(2147)]  [View PDF]
A Proof of a Conjecture about Arithmetic Graph
  Yu Ping
  1996,16(4):594-598 [Abstract(1830)]  [View PDF]
Uniform Approximation by Baskakov-Durrmeyer Operators
  Xuan Peicai
  1996,16(4):599-604 [Abstract(2087)]  [View PDF]
Weighted Norm Inequalities of p=1 for Fractional In tegrals and Maximal Functions on Spaces of Homogeneous Type
  Lan Jiacheng
  1996,16(4):605-610 [Abstract(1929)]  [View PDF]
Hardy-Littlewood Operators on the Space of Functions of Weighted BMO
  Wang Yueshan
  1996,16(4):611-614 [Abstract(2100)]  [View PDF]
The Existence of Solutions of the Nonlinear Integrodifferential Equations in Banach Spaces
  Zhou Youming
  1996,16(4):615-621 [Abstract(1767)]  [View PDF]
Boundary Value Problems for Second Order Functional Differential Equations with Nonlinearily Growthing Nonlinear Term
  Hu Shigeng
  1996,16(4):622-626 [Abstract(2186)]  [View PDF]
Notes on “Several Theorems on the Traces of Quaternions Matrices”
  Liu Jianzhou and Xie Qingming
  1996,16(4):627-630 [Abstract(1763)]  [View PDF]
Note on Brauer′s Theorem
  Pang Mingxian
  1996,16(4):631-632 [Abstract(1741)]  [View PDF]
On the Spectrum of Strongly Continuous C-Cosine Operator Functions
  Wang Haiyan
  1996,16(4):633-634 [Abstract(1717)]  [View PDF]