Volume 17,Issue 3,1997 Table of Contents

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The Generalization of Whitney′s Lemma and Application
  Cen Yanbin and Cen Yanming
  1997,17(3):319-326 [Abstract(2103)]  [View PDF]
Kronecker Products of Positive Semidefinite Matrices
  Li Jiongsheng
  1997,17(3):327-334 [Abstract(2599)]  [View PDF]
An Adjoint Matrix of a Real Idempotent Matrix
  Jin Bai Kim,Hee Sik Kim and Seung Dong Kim
  1997,17(3):335-339 [Abstract(2014)]  [View PDF]
An Equivalent Theorem on Connectedness of the Weakly Cone-Efficient Sets
  Hu Yuda
  1997,17(3):340-342 [Abstract(2185)]  [View PDF]
Conformally Flat Minimal Hypersurfaces in a Hyperbolic Space
  Jiang Sheng
  1997,17(3):343-346 [Abstract(2108)]  [View PDF]
On n-Widths for Some CVD Matrices
  Wu Huoxiong
  1997,17(3):347-356 [Abstract(2066)]  [View PDF]
A Proof on the Convexity of Functional Splines
  Liu Songtao,Cao Yuan and Liu Genhong
  1997,17(3):357-360 [Abstract(2089)]  [View PDF]
A Parallel Approach to Bivariate Splines
  1997,17(3):361-370 [Abstract(1784)]  [View PDF]
Some Linear Isomorphism Theorems for Certain 2n th-Order Nonsymmetric Differential Operator with Parameter
  Liu Yingfan and Liu Hong
  1997,17(3):371-374 [Abstract(2007)]  [View PDF]
Projected Gradient Type Method of Centers for Constrained Optimization
  Shi Baochang,Zhou Xiaoyang and Hu Xinsheng
  1997,17(3):375-381 [Abstract(2030)]  [View PDF]
Spaces with a σ-Point Finite Base
  Lin Shou
  1997,17(3):382-384 [Abstract(1864)]  [View PDF]
The Group Sturcture of the Unoriented Bordism of Bundle Space RP(ξk+1)
  Lü Zhi,Zhou Chunlian and Liu Xibo
  1997,17(3):385-392 [Abstract(1922)]  [View PDF]
A Maslov Index Formula and Application
  Lu Guangcun
  1997,17(3):393-396 [Abstract(1952)]  [View PDF]
On the Bounded Set and Weak Convergence for Locally Convex Topological Space (λ,μ)
  Lin Ping
  1997,17(3):397-402 [Abstract(2252)]  [View PDF]
Modules with Free Powers over Group Rings
  Chen Huanyin
  1997,17(3):403-406 [Abstract(2062)]  [View PDF]
On Generalization of Schur-Frobenius′s Formula for Inverse Matrix of Partitioned Matrices
  Zhuang Wajin
  1997,17(3):407-413 [Abstract(2185)]  [View PDF]
On the Orders of the Regular Modules
  Zhang Yuanping
  1997,17(3):414-418 [Abstract(1748)]  [View PDF]
The Vertex Representation of Affine Lie Algebra B
  Jiang Cuibo and Meng Daoji
  1997,17(3):419-422 [Abstract(1900)]  [View PDF]
Some Commutativity Theorems on Semiprime Rings
  Guo Huaguang
  1997,17(3):423-426 [Abstract(2051)]  [View PDF]
On the Structure of NF Rings
  Yang Zixu and Hao Xiumei
  1997,17(3):427-431 [Abstract(1773)]  [View PDF]
Weighted Fan Ky Inequality and Its Refinements
  Jiang Tianquan
  1997,17(3):432-436 [Abstract(1816)]  [View PDF]
The Decidability and Complexity for Theories of Modules on Finitely PI Rings
  Xue Rui
  1997,17(3):437-440 [Abstract(2004)]  [View PDF]
Metric Averaging in Spherical Space
  Guo Shuguang
  1997,17(3):441-446 [Abstract(1927)]  [View PDF]
On the Limit Cycles of the Polynomial Perturbed System
  Chen Shihua
  1997,17(3):447-450 [Abstract(2080)]  [View PDF]
Singularly Perturbed Reaction Diffusion Problem with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions
  Mo Jiaqi and Liu Qilin
  1997,17(3):451-454 [Abstract(2069)]  [View PDF]
On the Global Smooth Solution for Generalized Cauchy Problem of First Order Quasilinear P.D.E.
  Shi Fapeng
  1997,17(3):455-458 [Abstract(2070)]  [View PDF]
Incompressible,Pairwisely Incompressible Surfaces in Alternating Knot Complements
  Han Youfa
  1997,17(3):459-462 [Abstract(2065)]  [View PDF]
Submanifolds with Flat Connection of Normal Bundle and the Second Fundamental Tensors
  Shu Shichang
  1997,17(3):463-468 [Abstract(1847)]  [View PDF]
Saturation Order of Spherical Convolution Operators
  Yang Ruyue and Xiong Jingyi
  1997,17(3):469-474 [Abstract(1842)]  [View PDF]
Inclusion Relationship between Classical Axiomatic Set Theory and Madium Axiomatic Set Theory
  Zhang Dongmo and Xiao Xi′an
  1997,17(3):475-478 [Abstract(2057)]  [View PDF]