Volume 22,Issue 1,2002 Table of Contents

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Structural Theorem for Completely Simple Г-Semigroups and Г-Semigroups with a Completely Simple Г-Kernel
  YANG Guo-wei
  2002,22(1):1-6 [Abstract(1736)]  [View PDF]
On the Dimension for Multivariate Weak Spline Function Spaces
  XU Zhi-qiang and WANG Ren-hong
  2002,22(1):7-12 [Abstract(3095)]  [View PDF]
Uniform Convergence of Higher Order Fejér Interpolation Polynomials in a Complex Domain
  TU Tian-liang and YANG Qiao
  2002,22(1):13-24 [Abstract(1667)]  [View PDF]
The Second Separation Theorem in Locally β-Convex Spaces and the Boundedness Theorem in Its Conjugate Cones
  WANG Jian-yong and MA Yu-mei
  2002,22(1):25-34 [Abstract(2053)]  [View PDF]
Equilibrium Small Circuit Double Covers of Near-Triangulations
  LIU Tong-yin and LIU Yan-pei
  2002,22(1):35-41 [Abstract(2275)]  [View PDF]
Enumeration of Eulerian Maps on the Torus
  REN Han and LIU Yan-pei
  2002,22(1):42-48 [Abstract(2021)]  [View PDF]
Central Circuit Coverings of Octahedrites and Medial Polyhedra
  Michel Deza,Tayuan Huang and Ko- Wei Lih
  2002,22(1):49-65 [Abstract(2527)]  [View PDF]
Note on the Paper “A Note on the SVD of Matrices”
  HUANG Li-ping
  2002,22(1):66 [Abstract(1664)]  [View PDF]
A Property of Ramsey Number
  CAO Zi-ning and ZHU Wu-jia
  2002,22(1):67-70 [Abstract(1983)]  [View PDF]
On the Ascending Subgraph Decomposition of Kn-H2n+i(i=1,2)
  XU Mei-fang and MA Ke-jie
  2002,22(1):71-75 [Abstract(1896)]  [View PDF]
The Lp Convergence of B- Valued L′ Limit Martingale Transform
  LIANG Xiao-li and CAI Ruo-song
  2002,22(1):76-78 [Abstract(1882)]  [View PDF]
Several Determinant Inequalities of Positive Definite Hermittian Matrices
  HE Gan-tong
  2002,22(1):79-82 [Abstract(1913)]  [View PDF]
Positive Harmonic Functions on a Class of Complete Riemannian Manifolds
  2002,22(1):83-88 [Abstract(1740)]  [View PDF]
A Note on B?cklund Transformations of Timelike Weingarten Surfaces in R2,1
  MA Hui
  2002,22(1):89-95 [Abstract(1788)]  [View PDF]
On Submanifolds of Minkowski Space
  NIE Zhi
  2002,22(1):96-102 [Abstract(1945)]  [View PDF]
Connectedness of Super Efficient Solution Set of Cone Quasiconvex Vector Optimization in Normed Linear Space
  2002,22(1):103-106 [Abstract(1918)]  [View PDF]
Some Approximation Problems of Isometric Operators in Fréchet Spaces
  XIANG Shu-huang and TAN Li-yun
  2002,22(1):107-112 [Abstract(1722)]  [View PDF]
The Orthonormality of Two-Variate Scaling Functions
  ZHOU Xian-bo and CHEN Wen-sheng
  2002,22(1):113-117 [Abstract(2001)]  [View PDF]
Some p-Valence Conditions for Analytic Functions
  YANG Ding-gong
  2002,22(1):118-122 [Abstract(1860)]  [View PDF]
Estimate of Rate of Convergence of Durrmeyer Polynomials Defined on Simplex for Continuous Function
  CAO Fei-long and XIONG Jing-yi
  2002,22(1):123-128 [Abstract(1828)]  [View PDF]
The Multiple Positive Solutions of a Class of Differential Equations
  WANG Ya-qi
  2002,22(1):129-137 [Abstract(1654)]  [View PDF]
Some Estimates of the Singular Values of Products of Quaternion Rectangular Matrices
  XIE Qing-ming
  2002,22(1):138-140 [Abstract(1751)]  [View PDF]
Asymptotic Stability and Harmonic Oscillation for Singular Nonlinear Systems
  LIANG Jia-rong
  2002,22(1):141-146 [Abstract(1637)]  [View PDF]
Positive Solutions for Nonlinear Sturm-Liouville Problems in Banach Spaces
  LOU Ben-dong and LOU Ben-qing
  2002,22(1):147-150 [Abstract(1743)]  [View PDF]
Some Partial Differential Inequalities for Holomorphic Mapppings on Bounded Balanced Domains in C~n
  LIU Hao and LI Xiao-shen
  2002,22(1):151-156 [Abstract(1913)]  [View PDF]
A Remark on Chebyshev Centers
  ZHAO Xiu-heng and WANG Bao-ping
  2002,22(1):157-158 [Abstract(1781)]  [View PDF]