Volume 26,Issue 3,2006 Table of Contents

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Drazin Spectrum and Weyl's Theorem for Operator Matrices
  CAO Xiao-hong,GUO Mao-zheng and MENG Bin
  2006,26(3):413-422 [Abstract(4017)]  [View PDF]
Anzahl Theorems in Symmetric Matrices over Finite Local Rings (I)
  LIU Yan and NAN Ji-zhu
  2006,26(3):423-439 [Abstract(3354)]  [View PDF]
On the Filtration Dimensions of a Standardly Stratified Algebra and Its Polynomial Algebra
  KANG Na and YAO Hai-lou
  2006,26(3):440-450 [Abstract(2709)]  [View PDF]
Finite Convergence of On-line BP Neural Networks with Linearly Separable Training Patterns
  SHAO Zhi-qiong,WU Wei and YANG Jie
  2006,26(3):451-456 [Abstract(3563)]  [View PDF]
Asymptotic Normality of the Empirical Distribution under Negatively Associated Sequences and its Applications
  LI Yong-ming and YANG Shan-chao
  2006,26(3):457-464 [Abstract(3846)]  [View PDF]
A Result on Uniformly Dissipative Solutions for a Certain Fifth Order Non-Linear Differential Equation
  ADESINA Olufemi Adeyinka
  2006,26(3):465-470 [Abstract(2952)]  [View PDF]
Composition Operators from ${\cal B}^0$ to $E(p,q)$ and $E_{0}(p,q)$ Spaces
  LIU Yong-min and YU Yan-yan
  2006,26(3):471-479 [Abstract(3028)]  [View PDF]
Multiple Positive Solutions to a Nonlinear Two-point Boundary Value Problem with p-Laplacian
  LI Zhi-yan,YAN Shu-lin and GE Wei-gao
  2006,26(3):480-488 [Abstract(2915)]  [View PDF]
Adjacent-Vertex-Distinguishing Total Chromatic Number of $P_m\times K_n$
  CHEN Xiang-en and ZHANG Zhong-fu
  2006,26(3):489-494 [Abstract(3310)]  [View PDF]
Girth and Circular Choosability of Series-Parallel Graphs
  YU Ji-guo,WANG Guang-hui and LIU Gui-zhen
  2006,26(3):495-498 [Abstract(2993)]  [View PDF]
A Conceivable Inequality for Analytic Functions and Its Application
  HSU Leetsch Charles and WU Kang
  2006,26(3):499-501 [Abstract(3286)]  [View PDF]
Diameters of Altered Graphs
  WU Ye-zhou and XU Jun-ming
  2006,26(3):502-508 [Abstract(2681)]  [View PDF]
The Growth of an Entire Function Represented by Lacunary and Generalized Dirichlet Series
  NING Ju-hong and DENG Guan-tie
  2006,26(3):509-516 [Abstract(2830)]  [View PDF]
The Complex Oscillation of a Class of Linear Differential Equation with Entire Coefficients
  JIANG Liang-ying and CHEN Zong-xuan
  2006,26(3):517-524 [Abstract(2744)]  [View PDF]
Conversion between Triangular and Rectangular B\'{e}zier Surfaces
  LIU Zhi-ping and WANG Ren-hong
  2006,26(3):525-530 [Abstract(3977)]  [View PDF]
On the Representation and Extension of Isometries between the Unit Spheres of $l^p(\Gamma,E)$ Type Spaces
  FANG Xi-nian and WANG Jian-hua
  2006,26(3):531-538 [Abstract(2764)]  [View PDF]
Diffusion-Reaction Systems with Time Delays in ${\bf R}^n$ Domain
  TIAN Can-rong
  2006,26(3):539-546 [Abstract(3442)]  [View PDF]
Periodic Solutions for a Li\'{e}nard-Type Equation with Deviating Arguments
  MENG Hua and LIU Bing-wen
  2006,26(3):547-552 [Abstract(3579)]  [View PDF]
The Proximate Zero Order (R) of Analytic Dirichlet Series
  NIU Ying-chun
  2006,26(3):553-556 [Abstract(3540)]  [View PDF]
The Number of Conjugacy Classes of Nonnormal Cyclic Subgroups in Nilpotent Groups
  ZHONG Xiang-gui and LI Shi-rong
  2006,26(3):557-561 [Abstract(3707)]  [View PDF]
Inductive Limits of Toeplitz Algebras
  XU Qing-xiang and ZHANG Xiao-bo
  2006,26(3):562-570 [Abstract(2976)]  [View PDF]
Quasisimilarity of Operators and Properties of the Essential Spectrum
  SU Wei-gang
  2006,26(3):571-575 [Abstract(3722)]  [View PDF]
Existence of Solutions for a Class of State-dependent Neutral Differential Equations
  SHU Xiao-bao and XU Yuan-tong
  2006,26(3):576-582 [Abstract(3991)]  [View PDF]
The Existence and Uniqueness of Periodic Solution of Forced Li\'{e}nard Equation
  WANG Wen and SHEN Zu-he
  2006,26(3):583-590 [Abstract(3604)]  [View PDF]
On the General $k$-th Gauss Sums and Their Fourth Power Mean
  LIU Hua-ning
  2006,26(3):591-597 [Abstract(2441)]  [View PDF]
Domination Parameters and Vertex-Contraction-Critical Graphs
  CHEN Yi-chao,LIU Yu-xing and SU Jian-ji
  2006,26(3):598-604 [Abstract(2969)]  [View PDF]
Theory of Truth Degrees in G\"{o}del 3-Valued Propositional Logic
  LI Jun,LI Yao-long and LI Suo-ping
  2006,26(3):605-612 [Abstract(2734)]  [View PDF]
A Faulty Counter Example
  CEN Yan-ming
  2006,26(3):613-616 [Abstract(2589)]  [View PDF]
Several Properties of the Radial pth Mean Bodies of Convex Bodies
  YUAN Shu-feng,ZHANG Hai-juan and YUAN Jun
  2006,26(3):617-622 [Abstract(2829)]  [View PDF]
Criterion for a Type of (g,f)-3-Covered Graphs
  HUANG Guang-xin and YIN Feng
  2006,26(3):623-626 [Abstract(3136)]  [View PDF]
The Index of Convergence of Nearly Reducible Block Matrices
  JIANG Zhi-ming,WANG Zong-yao and LIU Bo-lian
  2006,26(3):627-634 [Abstract(2797)]  [View PDF]