Volume 38,Issue 1,2018 Table of Contents

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Hypergraphs with Spectral Radius between Two Limit Points
  Shoudong MAN, Linyuan LU and Shuhua ZHANG
  Published January 20, 2018
  2018,38(1):1-22 [Abstract(5155)]  [View PDF 340.02 K (3470)]
Nullity of Hermitian-Adjacency Matrices of Mixed Graphs
  Fenglei TIAN and Dein WONG
  Published January 20, 2018
  2018,38(1):23-33 [Abstract(4740)]  [View PDF 134.42 K (3036)]
Flag-Transitive Point-Primitive $(v,k,4)$-Symmetric Designs with ${\rm PSL}_n(q)$ as Socle
  Yan ZHU and Shenglin ZHOU
  Published January 20, 2018
  2018,38(1):34-42 [Abstract(4541)]  [View PDF 128.17 K (2835)]
Properties of Some Families of Meromorphic Multivalent Functions Associated with Generalized Hypergeometric Functions
  Mostafa ALBEHBAH and Maslina DARUS
  Published January 20, 2018
  2018,38(1):43-57 [Abstract(4330)]  [View PDF 153.83 K (2753)]
The Principle of Numerical Calculations for the Eigenvalue Comparison on Parameterized Surfaces
  Lanbao HOU and Jing MAO
  Published January 20, 2018
  2018,38(1):58-62 [Abstract(4230)]  [View PDF 90.81 K (2694)]
The Eigenvalue Problem for $p(x)$-Laplacian Equations Involving Robin Boundary Condition
  Lujuan YU, Fengquan LI and Fei XU
  Published January 20, 2018
  2018,38(1):63-76 [Abstract(4499)]  [View PDF 166.05 K (2974)]
Maps to Ordered Topological Vector Spaces and Stratifiable Spaces
  Erguang YANG and Yun XU
  Published January 20, 2018
  2018,38(1):77-84 [Abstract(4429)]  [View PDF 113.95 K (2814)]
Lanne's \textbf{T}-functor and Hypersurfaces
  Wenhua ZHENG and Jizhu NAN
  Published January 20, 2018
  2018,38(1):85-94 [Abstract(4353)]  [View PDF 132.28 K (2747)]
Reduced Polynomial of Framed Links in Thickened Torus
  Xinming YAN and Meng SUN
  Published January 20, 2018
  2018,38(1):95-102 [Abstract(4249)]  [View PDF 141.64 K (2616)]
Precise Rates in the Generalized Law of the Iterated Logarithm in ${\mathbb{R}}^m$
  Mingzhou XU, Yunzheng DING and Yongzheng ZHOU
  Published January 20, 2018
  2018,38(1):103-110 [Abstract(4266)]  [View PDF 120.80 K (3085)]