Volume 41,Issue 2,2021 Table of Contents

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One-$p$th Riordan Arrays in the Construction of Identities
  Tianxiao HE
  2021,41(2):111-126 [Abstract(301)]  [View PDF 151.37 K (371)]
Enumeration of Protected Nodes in Motzkin Trees
  Lin YANG, Shengliang YANG
  2021,41(2):127-140 [Abstract(266)]  [View PDF 123.01 K (256)]
Toeplitz Determinants for the Inverse of Starlike Functions Connected with the Sine Function
  Dong GUO, Zongtao LI, Huo TANG, En AO
  2021,41(2):141-149 [Abstract(338)]  [View PDF 116.85 K (307)]
Global Well-Posedness of Solutions for the Sixth Order Convective Cahn-Hilliard Equation
  Xiaopeng ZHAO, Fengnan LIU, Haichao MENG
  2021,41(2):150-160 [Abstract(328)]  [View PDF 143.48 K (307)]
Higher Order Estimates for Boundary Blow-Up Solutions of Elliptic Equations with Gradient Term
  Yajie ZHANG, Feiyao MAO, Weifeng WO
  2021,41(2):161-170 [Abstract(260)]  [View PDF 121.33 K (242)]
A Class of Dually Flat Spherically Symmetric Finsler Metrics
  Weidong SONG, Yali CHEN
  2021,41(2):171-182 [Abstract(241)]  [View PDF 150.27 K (209)]
Curves in $SE(3)$ and Their Behaviours
  Zhonghua HOU, Wei SHI, Wei WU
  2021,41(2):183-203 [Abstract(257)]  [View PDF 5.97 M (230)]
An Inertial Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Solving a Two-Block Separable Convex Minimization Problem
  Yang YANG, Yuchao TANG
  2021,41(2):204-220 [Abstract(437)]  [View PDF 160.24 K (314)]