Volume 41,Issue 3,2021 Table of Contents

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Relations between the Positive Inertia Index of a $\mathbb{T}$-Gain Graph and That of Its Underlying Graph
  Sai WANG, Dengyin WANG, Fenglei TIAN
  2021,41(3):221-237 [Abstract(691)]  [View PDF 190.60 K (458)]
Estimation of Scale Transformation for Approximate Periodic Time Series with Long-Term Trend
  Shujin WU
  2021,41(3):238-258 [Abstract(514)]  [View PDF 335.48 K (393)]
Boundedness of an Integral Operator on Bloch-Type Spaces
  Xiaoyang HOU, Chao LIU
  2021,41(3):259-264 [Abstract(593)]  [View PDF 126.58 K (398)]
A New Proof of the Stronger Second Mean Value Theorem for Integrals
  Peng ZHENG, Siquan SHI
  2021,41(3):265-269 [Abstract(613)]  [View PDF 105.33 K (419)]
Robustness and Iterative Reconstruction of $g$-Fusion Frames in Hilbert Spaces
  Vahid SADRI
  2021,41(3):270-278 [Abstract(497)]  [View PDF 145.63 K (303)]
Almost Cosymplectic $p$-Spheres and Almost Cosymplectic Metric Bi-Structures on Three-Manifolds
  Jin LI, Ximin LIU
  2021,41(3):279-290 [Abstract(490)]  [View PDF 171.50 K (310)]
Infimum of Topological Entropies of Homotopy Classes of Maps on Infra-solvmanifolds of Type (R)
  Baojun HUANG
  2021,41(3):291-302 [Abstract(446)]  [View PDF 169.23 K (327)]
The Horvitz-Thompson Weighting Method for Quantile Regression Estimation in the Presence of Missing Covariates
  Zhaoji CHU, Lingnan TAI, Wei XIONG, Xu GUO, Maozai TIAN
  2021,41(3):303-322 [Abstract(540)]  [View PDF 371.93 K (365)]
The Global Attraction of Logistic Equation with L\'evy Noise
  Yan WANG
  2021,41(3):323-330 [Abstract(472)]  [View PDF 132.23 K (377)]