Volume 41,Issue 4,2021 Table of Contents

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Three-Way Granular Approximations Based on Bisimulations
  Zhilian GUO, Hailong YANG, Lijuan ZHANG
  2021,41(4):331-339 [Abstract(339)]  [View PDF 463.89 K (367)]
Minimum $k$-Path Vertex Cover in Cartesian Product Graphs
  Huiling YIN, Binbin HAO, Xiaoyan SU, Jingrong CHEN
  2021,41(4):340-348 [Abstract(325)]  [View PDF 737.57 K (283)]
$b$-Generalized Derivations on Prime Rings
  Shuliang HUANG
  2021,41(4):349-354 [Abstract(347)]  [View PDF 109.60 K (306)]
Harmonic Univalent Functions Related with Generalized $(p,q)$-Post Quantum Calculus Operators
  Shuhai LI, Li-na MA, Xiaomeng NIU
  2021,41(4):355-367 [Abstract(340)]  [View PDF 179.62 K (218)]
Spatial Dynamics of Competing Model in a Periodic Unstirred Chemostat with Delay
  Wujun PU, Ya WANG
  2021,41(4):368-382 [Abstract(300)]  [View PDF 200.17 K (171)]
The Existence and Non-Existence of Positive Steady State Solutions for a Cross-Diffusion Predator-Prey Model with Holling Type II Functional Response
  Shuping CAO, Li-na ZHANG
  2021,41(4):383-392 [Abstract(340)]  [View PDF 119.29 K (209)]
Essential Norm of Toeplitz Operators on Dirichlet-Type Spaces
  Jianjun CHEN, Jiesheng XIAO
  2021,41(4):393-400 [Abstract(340)]  [View PDF 119.29 K (175)]
Oscillation Property for the Eigenfunctions of Discrete Clamped Beam Equation and Its Applications
  Yanqiong LU, Rui WANG
  2021,41(4):401-415 [Abstract(321)]  [View PDF 165.78 K (231)]
On Some Generalized Countably Compact Spaces II
  Erguang YANG
  2021,41(4):416-424 [Abstract(351)]  [View PDF 127.83 K (207)]
Design of Triharmonic Triangular B\'{e}zier Surfaces
  Yan WU, Chungang ZHU
  2021,41(4):425-440 [Abstract(271)]  [View PDF 1.55 M (232)]