Volume 42,Issue 1,2022 Table of Contents

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Bounds on the $A_{\alpha}$-Spectral Radius of a $C_3$-Free Graph
  Dongxia ZHU, Shuguang GUO, Rong ZHANG
  2022,42(1):1-7 [Abstract(277)]  [View PDF 117.47 K (370)]
Laeng-Morpurgo-Type Uncertainty Inequalities for the Laguerre Transform
  2022,42(1):8-14 [Abstract(212)]  [View PDF 113.25 K (215)]
Derivations and Deformations of Lie-Yamaguti Color Algebras
  Wen TENG, Taijie YOU
  2022,42(1):15-30 [Abstract(212)]  [View PDF 132.04 K (201)]
The Zeros and Nevanlinna Deficiencies for Some $q$-Shift Difference Differential Polynomials of Meromorphic Functions
  Xiumin ZHENG, Hongyan XU
  2022,42(1):31-40 [Abstract(200)]  [View PDF 122.08 K (189)]
Existence of Solutions for a Nonlocal Problem with Variable Exponent Operator
  Shengui ZHANG
  2022,42(1):41-56 [Abstract(184)]  [View PDF 162.80 K (168)]
A Differential-Difference Hierarchy Related to the Toda Lattice and Its Inverse Scattering Transformation
  Zexuan ZHANG, Jianbing ZHANG
  2022,42(1):57-72 [Abstract(167)]  [View PDF 145.57 K (160)]
Compactness for Commutator of Fractional Integral on Non-homogeneous Morrey Spaces
  Guanghui LU
  2022,42(1):73-88 [Abstract(188)]  [View PDF 172.31 K (184)]
Additive Maps Preserving the Truncation of Operators
  Jie YAO, Guoxing JI
  2022,42(1):89-94 [Abstract(173)]  [View PDF 105.66 K (156)]
Best Proximity Point Theorems for $p$-Proximal $\alpha$-$\eta$-$\beta$-Quasi Contractions in Metric Spaces with $w_0$-Distance
  Mengdi LIU, Zhaoqi WU, Chuanxi ZHU, Chenggui YUAN
  2022,42(1):95-110 [Abstract(166)]  [View PDF 157.32 K (146)]