Volume 42,Issue 3,2022 Table of Contents

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Extremal First Leap Zagreb Index of $k$-Generalized Quasi-Trees
  Pei SUN, Kai LIU
  2022,42(3):221-229 [Abstract(419)]  [View PDF 118.91 K (481)]
Weighted EP of Block Operator Matrices
  Xiaopeng LI, Junjie HUANG, Alatancang CHEN
  2022,42(3):230-242 [Abstract(382)]  [View PDF 126.71 K (312)]
A Note on a Problem of S\'{a}rk\"{o}zy and S\'{o}s
  Min TANG
  2022,42(3):243-246 [Abstract(396)]  [View PDF 89.57 K (333)]
New Sobolev-Weinstein Spaces and Applications
  2022,42(3):247-260 [Abstract(392)]  [View PDF 155.59 K (287)]
Periodic Solutions on Generalized Abel's Differential Equation
  Hua NI
  2022,42(3):261-278 [Abstract(474)]  [View PDF 145.41 K (293)]
Bounded Weak Solutions to a Class of Parabolic Equations with Gradient Term and $L^r{(0,T;L^q(\Omega))}$ Sources
  Zhongqing LI
  2022,42(3):279-288 [Abstract(436)]  [View PDF 144.92 K (288)]
On the Stability of Orthogonal Additivity in $\beta$-Homogeneous $F$-Spaces
  Qi LIU, Linlin FU, Yongjin LI
  2022,42(3):289-296 [Abstract(403)]  [View PDF 110.30 K (289)]
Nonlinear Maps Preserving the Mixed Triple Products between Factors
  Fangjuan ZHANG, Xinhong ZHU
  2022,42(3):297-306 [Abstract(347)]  [View PDF 110.54 K (296)]
Multiplicity of Solutions for a Class of Nearly Resonant Semilinear Elliptic Problems
  Hongming XIA, Ruichang PEI
  2022,42(3):307-317 [Abstract(338)]  [View PDF 134.13 K (285)]
Accuracy Raising Technique for Multivariate Spline Quasi-Interpolants over Type-2 Triangulations
  Shenggang ZHANG, Chungang ZHU, Qinjiao GAO
  2022,42(3):318-330 [Abstract(368)]  [View PDF 1.08 M (328)]