Volume 42,Issue 6,2022 Table of Contents

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Difference Properties of Riordan Arrays and Their Applications
  Yidong SUN, Cheng SUN, Weichen WANG
  2022,42(6):551-560 [Abstract(334)]  [View PDF 152.33 K (358)]
More Divisibility Properties for Binomial Coefficients
  Jiaqi XIAO, Yuqing HE, Pingzhi YUAN
  2022,42(6):561-579 [Abstract(279)]  [View PDF 206.25 K (243)]
On a Problem of Q. H. YANG and Y. G. CHEN
  Xiaohui YAN
  2022,42(6):580-586 [Abstract(284)]  [View PDF 119.58 K (224)]
Set Sharing Results for Derivatives of Meromorphic Functions
  Yuxin LI, Weichuan LIN
  2022,42(6):587-598 [Abstract(233)]  [View PDF 166.00 K (215)]
Zero Distribution of Solutions of Higher-Order Linear Differential Equations and Zygmund Type Space
  Lipeng XIAO
  2022,42(6):599-610 [Abstract(253)]  [View PDF 173.68 K (206)]
Boundedness of the Intrinsic Square Function on Grand Variable Herz Spaces
  Jian CHEN, Liwei WANG, Kexin LIU
  2022,42(6):611-627 [Abstract(253)]  [View PDF 216.14 K (218)]
On the Haagerup Property of $C^*$-Dynamical Systems
  Changyuan GAO, Qing MENG
  2022,42(6):628-636 [Abstract(246)]  [View PDF 160.02 K (175)]
Generalized Well-Posedness and Stability of Solutions in Set Optimization
  Congjun ZHANG, Zhiwei WANG, Sai LI
  2022,42(6):637-652 [Abstract(270)]  [View PDF 188.44 K (212)]
An Application of Set Theory in Quasi-Paracompactness
  Xiangeng ZHOU, Shou LIN
  2022,42(6):653-657 [Abstract(259)]  [View PDF 115.75 K (213)]