Volume 43,Issue 1,2023 Table of Contents

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A Note on the $A_{\alpha}$-Spectral Radius of a Graph
  Hongzhang CHEN, Jianxi LI
  2023,43(1):1-8 [Abstract(438)]  [View PDF 143.17 K (418)]
Least Common Multiple of Path, Star with Cartesian Product of Some Graphs
  2023,43(1):9-15 [Abstract(379)]  [View PDF 141.26 K (351)]
Partitioning Planar Graphs with Girth at Least $6$ into Bounded Size Components
  Chunyu TIAN, Lei SUN
  2023,43(1):16-24 [Abstract(334)]  [View PDF 145.28 K (282)]
The Edge-Balanced Properties of Product Graphs of Paths
  Zhenbin GAO, Wei QIU, Sin-Min LEE
  2023,43(1):25-39 [Abstract(339)]  [View PDF 238.45 K (259)]
Some Remarks on Locally Almost Perfect Domains
  Xiaolei ZHANG
  2023,43(1):40-48 [Abstract(354)]  [View PDF 161.08 K (279)]
Evaluation of Binomial Series with Harmonic Numbers
  2023,43(1):49-58 [Abstract(322)]  [View PDF 145.55 K (234)]
Right $c$-Group Inverses and Their Applications
  Jun JIAO, Liang ZHAO
  2023,43(1):59-73 [Abstract(346)]  [View PDF 173.44 K (473)]
Finite Groups with Some $c_p$-Supplemented Subgroups
  Yubo LV, Yangming LI
  2023,43(1):74-82 [Abstract(346)]  [View PDF 159.51 K (316)]
On Properties of Meromorphic Solutions for Certain $q$-Difference Equation
  Lei TAO, Jianren LONG
  2023,43(1):83-90 [Abstract(372)]  [View PDF 161.88 K (319)]
Positive Solutions of Fourth-Order Equations under Nonlocal Boundary Value Conditions of Sturm-Liouville Type
  Chunlei SONG, Wei CHEN, Guowei ZHANG
  2023,43(1):91-100 [Abstract(368)]  [View PDF 161.36 K (301)]
Positive Solutions for Second-Order Singular Difference Equation with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions
  Huijuan LI, Alhussein MOHAMED, Chenghua GAO
  2023,43(1):101-108 [Abstract(323)]  [View PDF 148.64 K (279)]
A Condition of Boundary Layer Separation for 2-D Incompressible Magnetohydrodynamic Equations
  Biyan HU, Kailun HU, Hong LUO
  2023,43(1):109-115 [Abstract(337)]  [View PDF 146.11 K (286)]
An Arbitrarily High-Order Energy-Preserving Scheme for the Lorentz Force System
  Jialing WANG, Jiazhen HUANG, Wenjun CAI
  2023,43(1):116-126 [Abstract(350)]  [View PDF 499.44 K (298)]