Volume 43,Issue 3,2023 Table of Contents

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On the $(m,r,s)$-Halves of a Riordan Array and Applications
  Lin YANG, Shengliang YANG
  2023,43(3):253-265 [Abstract(282)]  [View PDF 187.27 K (340)]
On the $A_{\alpha}$-Characteristic Polynomials and the $A_{\alpha}$-Spectra of Two Classes of Hexagonal Systems
  Mengyue YUAN, Fei WEN, Ranran WANG
  2023,43(3):266-276 [Abstract(245)]  [View PDF 176.03 K (279)]
The Spectral Properties of $p$-Sombor (Laplacian) Matrix of Graphs
  Hechao LIU, Lihua YOU
  2023,43(3):277-288 [Abstract(289)]  [View PDF 393.77 K (225)]
On the Distance Signless Laplacian Spectral Radius of Bicyclic Graphs
  Yubin GAO
  2023,43(3):289-302 [Abstract(255)]  [View PDF 288.09 K (225)]
Higher-Order $(F,\alpha, \beta, \rho, d, E) $-Convexity in Fractional Programming
  Himanshu TIWARI, Seema MEENA, Deepak KUMAR, D. B. OJHA
  2023,43(3):303-312 [Abstract(231)]  [View PDF 151.10 K (213)]
Nonlinear Mixed Bi-Skew Jordan Triple Derivations on Prime $*$-Algebras
  Fangfang ZHANG, Dongfang ZHANG, Changjing LI
  2023,43(3):313-323 [Abstract(211)]  [View PDF 148.57 K (225)]
Geodesic $\gamma$-Pre-$E$-Convex Functions on Riemannian Manifolds
  Seema MEENA, D. B. OJHA
  2023,43(3):324-334 [Abstract(227)]  [View PDF 175.31 K (215)]
The Uniform Asymptotics for the Tail of Poisson Shot Noise Process with Dependent and Heavy-Tailed Shocks
  Kaiyong WANG, Yang YANG, Kam Chuen YUEN
  2023,43(3):335-349 [Abstract(212)]  [View PDF 207.67 K (214)]
A Stabilized Formulation for Linear Elasticity Equation with Weakly Symmetric Stress
  Yanping SUN, Tao SUN
  2023,43(3):350-362 [Abstract(299)]  [View PDF 223.00 K (269)]
Piecewise Sparse Recovery in Union of Bases
  Chongjun LI, Yijun ZHONG
  2023,43(3):363-378 [Abstract(266)]  [View PDF 292.85 K (342)]