On Singularity of Bordered Matrix of any Matrix Am×n
Received:June 06, 1981  
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Cheng Zhibin Huazhong Institute of Technology 
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      In this paper the sufficient and necessary conditions of the nonsingularity of M are to be given.M=[A B C O] is the bordered matrix of any m x n order matrixA, where O is the zero matrix. The inverse matrix of M is experessed as theblocked fcrm: M-1=[A1 B2 C3 O4], where C1 is n ×m order matrix, C2 is n×r1 ordermatrix, C3 is r2× m order matrix, C4 is r2×r1 order matrix. Under certain conditions, we prove that C1 is the generalized inverse matrix of A, which defined as A .
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