The Retrospect and Prospect for the Γ-rings
Received:September 05, 1986  
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Chen Weixin Zhejiang University 
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      Γ-ring appeared in the middle 1960's as a new algebraic system. This con cept was first introduced by Nobasawa. Later Barnes gave a more current defini tion than Nobusawa did. Γ-ring class is more general than associative ring class. However the two are quite close. In this paper we give a sarvey on the deve lopment of Γ-rings and brief narration on some algebraic systems that are derived from Γ-rings. As the main body I make three suggestions tor furture research of Γ-ring theory.1 . Select the subjects with the characteristies of Γ-rings.2.Make clear the relation between Γ-rings and other algebraic systems. 3. Pay great attention to good examples.
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