Discontiunous Riemann Boundary Value Problem for Nonlinear Elliptic Complex Equation of First Order
Received:January 03, 1987  
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Yang Guangwu Hebei Institute of Chemical Technology
Shi jiazhuang 
Xu Keming Hebei Institute of Chemical Technology
Shi jiazhuang 
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      The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the solvability of the discontinuous nonliaear Riemann boundary value problems for nonlinear elliptic system of first orde in a multiply connected domain. For this sake, we first employ the expression of solution fo the complex equation of first order,and give a priori estimations of the solution for discontinuous nonlinear Riemann problem. The reafter we prove the solvability of this boundary value problem by using the continuity method and Schau-der fixpoint theorem.
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