The Equivalence of Two Convergent Sequence of Bounded Sequences in Normed Space
Received:March 13, 2007  Revised:October 30, 2007
Key Words: almost convergence   quasi-almost convergence.  
Fund Project:the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.10871101); the Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education (No.20060055010).
Author NameAffiliation
WANG Rui Dong School of Mathematical Sciences, Nankai University, Tianjin 300071, China
Department of Mathematics, Tianjin University of Technology, Tianjin 300191, China 
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      Two kinds of convergent sequences on the real vector space ${\bf m}$ of all bounded sequences in a real normed space $X$ were discussed in this paper, and we prove that they are equivalent, which improved the results of [1].
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