Fekete-Szeg¨ o problem associated with k-th root transformation for the inverse of a univalent functions defined by quasi-subordination
Received:June 02, 2020  Revised:June 02, 2020
Key Word: univalent functions  Fekete-Szeg¨ o inequality   k-th root transformation   the inverse   quasi-subordination  
Fund ProjectL:The National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program, Key Program, Major Research Plan)
Author NameAffiliationAddress
Dong GUO Chuzhou Vocational And Technical College 安徽滁州丰乐大道2188号
Huo TANG Chifeng University 
En AO Chifeng University 
Zongtao LI Guangzhou Civil Aviation College 广州市白云区机场路向云西街10号 广州民航职业技术学院 人文社科学院
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      In this paper, we estimate the Fekete-Szeg¨ o functional with k-th root transform for the inverse of certain classes of analytic univalent functions using quasi-subordination.
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