Improved bound of the fourth hankel determinant for a class of analytic functions with bounded turnings involving cardioid domain
Received:January 01, 2024  Revised:January 10, 2024
Key Words: analytic function   starlike functions   convex functions   Schwarz function   cardioid domain   Hankel determinant  
Fund Project:the Natural Science Foundation of Anhui Provincial Department of Education (Grant Nos. KJ2020A0993; KJ2020ZD74), the high-level talent research start-up project(Grant No. DC2300000286).
Author NameAffiliationAddress
Dong GUO School of Mathematical Sciences, Yangzhou Polytechnic College 扬州市邗江区翠岗路255号
Huo TANG Chifeng University 
Xi LUO Jiaying University 
Zongtao LI* Guangzhou Civil Aviation College 
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      In the paper, a class of functions with bounded turnings involving cardioid domain, is studied in the region of the unit disc. The bounds of |a5|, |a6|, |a7| and the fourth hankel determinant are obtained, which are more accurate that those obtained by Srivastava.
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