On the Zeros of a Special Class of Polynomials
Received:February 11, 2024  Revised:March 10, 2024
Key Words: Bound, Coefficient, Polynomial, zeros  
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Mahnaz Shafi Chishti* Shobhit University Meerut, India. 
Vipin Kumar Tyagi Shobhit University Meerut, India. 
Mohammad Ibrahim Mir Department of Mathematics, Kashmir university, South Campus, Anantnag. J&
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      Let $P$ be a complex polynomial of the form $P(z)=(\lambda z-a)^m\prod \limits_{j=1}^{{n-m}}(z-z_j),$ where $|z_j|\geq 1,\;1\leq j \leq {n-m}$. The aim of this paper is to obtain generalisation of a result due to Zargar and Manzoor and a result due to Mir, Nazir and Wani. We shall also obtain an interesting bound which contains the zeros of the second derivative of $P(z).$
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