Volume 4,Issue 4,1984 Table of Contents

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A Note on Covering Property which Implies Isocompactness
  Wu Lisheng
  1984,4(4):1-2 [Abstract(1907)]  [View PDF]
On the Strongly Nilpotency of Г-rings and Generalized Г-rings
  Chen Weixin
  1984,4(4):3-9 [Abstract(2140)]  [View PDF]
Some Topological Properties of Hyperspace
  Yang Xu
  1984,4(4):10 [Abstract(1834)]  [View PDF]
Generalization of Two Wolk' s Theorems
  Li Baiyu
  1984,4(4):11-13 [Abstract(1830)]  [View PDF]
  Ji Guozhen
  1984,4(4):14 [Abstract(1782)]  [View PDF]
About the Bodendiek's Conjecture of Graceful Graph
  Ma Kejie and Feng Chengjin
  1984,4(4):15-18 [Abstract(2010)]  [View PDF]
Some Theorems of Analytic Functions
  Hu Ke
  1984,4(4):19-24 [Abstract(1883)]  [View PDF]
On Formulas of Bertrand-Poincaré Type Related to Singular Integrals of High Order
  Lu Jianke
  1984,4(4):25-30 [Abstract(1970)]  [View PDF]
Lp-orthogonality in Banach Spaces
  Liu Zheng
  1984,4(4):31-35 [Abstract(2086)]  [View PDF]
On the Simultaneous Approximation in Lp-norm
  Zhou Songping
  1984,4(4):36 [Abstract(1951)]  [View PDF]
Infinite Singular Point of Quadratic System with Four Singular Points at Finity
  Ren Yongtai
  1984,4(4):37-42 [Abstract(2371)]  [View PDF]
The Simple Proof of Two Lemmas in "Transversal Mappings and Flows"
  Lin Zhensheng
  1984,4(4):43-44 [Abstract(2244)]  [View PDF]
Initial-Boundary Value Problem for a Class of Quasilinear Elliptic-Hyperbolic Coupled Systems
  Li Huichuan
  1984,4(4):45-50 [Abstract(1762)]  [View PDF]
Vector-valued Measure and the Necessary Conditions for the Optimal Control Problems of Linear Systems
  Li Xunjing
  1984,4(4):51-56 [Abstract(2256)]  [View PDF]
The Error Estimates of Semi-discrete Galerkin Methods for some Non-linear Parabolic Equations
  Sun Che
  1984,4(4):57-68 [Abstract(1931)]  [View PDF]
The Exponential Stability in the Large of Discrete Systems
  Xu Daoyi
  1984,4(4):69-72 [Abstract(2080)]  [View PDF]
A Property of N-ary Relation Ring
  Zhu Suicai
  1984,4(4):73-74 [Abstract(1905)]  [View PDF]
On a Proof of Roth's Theorem
  Li Jiongsheng
  1984,4(4):75-76 [Abstract(1914)]  [View PDF]
  Yao Xue
  1984,4(4):77-78 [Abstract(1671)]  [View PDF]
The Equational Systems of Commutative BCK-algebra
  Shen Baiying
  1984,4(4):79-80 [Abstract(1773)]  [View PDF]
  Chen Yintong, Li Lipeng and Yu Chang'an
  1984,4(4):81-82 [Abstract(1863)]  [View PDF]
  Xia Shaogang
  1984,4(4):83-84 [Abstract(1883)]  [View PDF]
  Xu Junming
  1984,4(4):85-86 [Abstract(1949)]  [View PDF]
  Zhan Tao
  1984,4(4):87-89 [Abstract(1620)]  [View PDF]
The Normal Form on the Inverses of M-Matrices
  Zhang Lei
  1984,4(4):90 [Abstract(1798)]  [View PDF]
On the Uniqueness Theorems for the Closed Convex Hypersurfaces in a Space of Constant Curvature
  Li Anmin
  1984,4(4):91-93 [Abstract(1763)]  [View PDF]
Uniform Non-squareness and Flatness in Orlicz Spaces
  Wang Yuwen
  1984,4(4):94 [Abstract(1872)]  [View PDF]
  Gao Yunpeng
  1984,4(4):95-96 [Abstract(1824)]  [View PDF]
A 3-Dimensional Banach Space which has no Projection with Norm 1 onto any 2-Dimensional Subspace
  Xu Wantao
  1984,4(4):97-98 [Abstract(1901)]  [View PDF]
  Xu Hongkun
  1984,4(4):99-100 [Abstract(1724)]  [View PDF]
  Lu Tongshan
  1984,4(4):101-102 [Abstract(1796)]  [View PDF]
  Fan Dashan
  1984,4(4):103-104 [Abstract(1809)]  [View PDF]
Integrals of Cauchy Type in C Space
  Lin Liangyu
  1984,4(4):105-106 [Abstract(1959)]  [View PDF]
  Zhu Qingxin
  1984,4(4):107-109 [Abstract(1798)]  [View PDF]
  1984,4(4):110 [Abstract(1837)]  [View PDF]
  1984,4(4):111-112 [Abstract(1855)]  [View PDF]
The Asymptotic Stability of Neutral Differential Difference Equation d/(dt)(x(t)-Cx(t-τ))=Ax(t)+Bx(t-τ)
  Luo Lai-han
  1984,4(4):113-114 [Abstract(1985)]  [View PDF]
  Luo Yaping
  1984,4(4):115-116 [Abstract(1624)]  [View PDF]
Mean Square Consistency of Estimates of Linear Functions of Regression Coefficients
  Chen Xiru
  1984,4(4):117-120 [Abstract(2166)]  [View PDF]
On the Transmission of the Approximate Properties from I_ρ(f;x) to the Corresponding I(f;x;ρ)
  Chou Kecheng
  1984,4(4):121-130 [Abstract(1887)]  [View PDF]
  1984,4(4):131-140 [Abstract(2116)]  [View PDF]
  Shen Baiying
  1984,4(4):141-142 [Abstract(1942)]  [View PDF]
A Correction to Two Theorems Due to Anstee
  Wan Honghui
  1984,4(4):143-144 [Abstract(2042)]  [View PDF]
A Remark on C. F. Gauss
  Chen Qingyi
  1984,4(4):145-147 [Abstract(1966)]  [View PDF]
  Zhu Yingxian
  1984,4(4):148 [Abstract(1887)]  [View PDF]
  Sun Shuhao
  1984,4(4):149-150 [Abstract(1684)]  [View PDF]