Volume 37,Issue 1,2017 Table of Contents

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Numerical Solution of a Scalar One-Dimensional Monotonicity-Preserving Nonlocal Nonlinear Conservation Law
  Qiang DU and Zhan HUANG
  Published January 15, 2017
  2017,37(1):1-18 [Abstract(2988)]  [View PDF 468.40 K (3306)]
The Haar Wavelet Analysis of Matrices and Its Applications
  Xiquan SHI
  Published January 15, 2017
  2017,37(1):19-28 [Abstract(3204)]  [View PDF 119.15 K (2140)]
A Unified Approach to Construct a Class of Daubechies Orthogonal Scaling Functions
  Tianxiao HE and Tung NGUYEN
  Published January 15, 2017
  2017,37(1):29-39 [Abstract(3530)]  [View PDF 123.00 K (1996)]
The Minimal Measurement Number Problem in Phase Retrieval: A Review of Recent Developments
  Zhiqiang XU
  Published January 15, 2017
  2017,37(1):40-46 [Abstract(3001)]  [View PDF 112.68 K (2814)]
A Unified Ternary Curve Subdivision Scheme
  Qianqian LV, Jieqing TAN and Jun SHI
  Published January 15, 2017
  2017,37(1):47-58 [Abstract(3095)]  [View PDF 310.63 K (2049)]
Identification of Planar Sextic Pythagorean-Hodograph Curves
  Hui WANG, Chungang ZHU and Caiyun LI
  Published January 15, 2017
  2017,37(1):59-72 [Abstract(3295)]  [View PDF 294.94 K (2428)]
Reconstruction of the Linear Ordinary Differential System Based on Discrete Points
  Chongjun LI, Linlin XIE and Haidong LI
  Published January 15, 2017
  2017,37(1):73-89 [Abstract(3002)]  [View PDF 242.31 K (2159)]
Application of Polynomial Interpolation in the Chinese Remainder Problem
  Tianxiao HE, Scott MACDONALD and Peter J.-S. SHIUE
  Published January 15, 2017
  2017,37(1):90-96 [Abstract(3107)]  [View PDF 92.26 K (2494)]
A Cost-Efficient Variant of the Incremental Newton Iteration for the Matrix $p$th Root
  Fuminori TATSUOKA, Tomohiro SOGABE, Yuto MIYATAKE and Shaoliang ZHANG
  Published January 15, 2017
  2017,37(1):97-106 [Abstract(3568)]  [View PDF 504.02 K (2119)]
Energy-Preserving $H^1$--Galerkin Schemes for the Hunter-Saxton Equation
  Yuto MIYATAKE, Geonsik EOM, Tomohiro SOGABE and Shaoliang ZHANG
  Published January 15, 2017
  2017,37(1):107-118 [Abstract(3517)]  [View PDF 202.15 K (2274)]
Mass Transport Based Multi-Model Color Transfer
  Yanto LIU, Shengjing TIAN, Meng LIU and Xiuping LIU
  Published January 15, 2017
  2017,37(1):119-126 [Abstract(3165)]  [View PDF 9.30 M (1517)]