Volume 39,Issue 1,2019 Table of Contents

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On Unicyclic Graph with Minimal Second Atom-Bond Connectivity Index
  Wenqin LIU and Biao ZHAO
  Published January 20, 2019
  2019,39(1):1-9 [Abstract(2682)]  [View PDF 329.25 K (2090)]
A Fourth-Order Convergent Iterative Method by Means of Thiele's Continued Fraction for Root-Finding Problem
  Shengfeng LI
  Published January 20, 2019
  2019,39(1):10-22 [Abstract(1285)]  [View PDF 133.87 K (1420)]
On $p$-Central Automorphisms of Primitive Groups and Applications
  Shenjuan DONG and Zhengxing LI
  Published January 20, 2019
  2019,39(1):23-30 [Abstract(1211)]  [View PDF 103.79 K (1265)]
Certain Subclasses of Harmonic Univalent Functions Defined by Convolution and Subordination
  Shuhai LI, Huo TANG and En AO
  Published January 20, 2019
  2019,39(1):31-42 [Abstract(1330)]  [View PDF 137.01 K (1530)]
Infimum of the Spectrum of Laplace-Beltrami Operator on Classical Bounded Symmetric Domains with Bergman Metric
  Sujuan LONG and Kezan LI
  Published January 20, 2019
  2019,39(1):43-50 [Abstract(1560)]  [View PDF 117.74 K (1216)]
Relative Property A for Discrete Metric Space
  Yufang LI, Zhe DONG and Yuanyi WANG
  Published January 20, 2019
  2019,39(1):51-60 [Abstract(1452)]  [View PDF 130.67 K (1255)]
Formation and Transition of Delta Shock in the Limits of Riemann Solutions to the Perturbed Chromatography Equations
  Xinlin HAN and Lijun PAN
  Published January 20, 2019
  2019,39(1):61-74 [Abstract(1405)]  [View PDF 239.80 K (1160)]
Point Spectra of the Operator Corresponding to the $M/M/1$ Queueing Model with Working Vacation and Vacation Interruption
  Ehmet KASIM and Geni GUPUR
  Published January 20, 2019
  2019,39(1):75-88 [Abstract(1184)]  [View PDF 137.85 K (1266)]
Ring Isomorphisms and Complete Preservers of Fixed Points for Multipliers
  Ting ZHANG and Jinchuan HOU
  Published January 20, 2019
  2019,39(1):89-100 [Abstract(1216)]  [View PDF 121.82 K (1118)]
A New Class AOR Preconditioner for $L$-Matrices
  Published January 20, 2019
  2019,39(1):101-110 [Abstract(1300)]  [View PDF 122.34 K (1244)]