Volume 39,Issue 4,2019 Table of Contents

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A New Matrix Inversion for Bell Polynomials and Its Applications
  Jin WANG
  Published July 20, 2019
  2019,39(4):331-342 [Abstract(1295)]  [View PDF 124.25 K (787)]
The Normalized Laplacian Spectrum of Pentagonal Graphs and Its Applications
  Xiaojing XU, Peiwen WANG and Zhiping WANG
  Published July 20, 2019
  2019,39(4):343-352 [Abstract(1142)]  [View PDF 180.45 K (649)]
Brauer Upper Bound for the Z-Spectral Radius of Nonnegative Tensors
  Jun HE, Hua KE, Yanmin LIU and Junkang TIAN
  Published July 20, 2019
  2019,39(4):353-360 [Abstract(1103)]  [View PDF 120.10 K (676)]
Third Hankel Determinant for Ma-Minda Bi-univalent Functions
  Haiyan ZHANG and Huo TANG
  Published July 20, 2019
  2019,39(4):361-377 [Abstract(1044)]  [View PDF 150.04 K (693)]
On Power Finite Rank Operators
  Qingping ZENG and Zhenying WU
  Published July 20, 2019
  2019,39(4):378-382 [Abstract(993)]  [View PDF 93.07 K (690)]
Nonlocal Integral Boundary Value Problem of Bagley-Torvik Type Fractional Differential Equations\\ and Inclusions
  Lizhen CHEN, Badawi Hamza Eibadawi IBRAHIM and Gang LI
  Published July 20, 2019
  2019,39(4):383-394 [Abstract(1060)]  [View PDF 151.51 K (689)]
Complete Convergence for Sung's Type Weighted Sums of Dependent Random Variables with General Moment Conditions
  Dehua QIU, Yanchun YI and Pinyan CHEN
  Published July 20, 2019
  2019,39(4):395-407 [Abstract(1144)]  [View PDF 123.41 K (736)]
The GPBiCG($m,l$) Method for Solving General Matrix Equations
  Basemi I. Selim, Lei DU, Bo YU and Xuanru ZHU
  Published July 20, 2019
  2019,39(4):408-432 [Abstract(1303)]  [View PDF 399.91 K (764)]
Constructing Planar $C^1$ Cubic Hermite Interpolation Curves Via Approximate Energy Minimization
  Juncheng LI
  Published July 20, 2019
  2019,39(4):433-440 [Abstract(1149)]  [View PDF 265.86 K (736)]