Volume 42,Issue 5,2022 Table of Contents

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Spanning Eulerian Subdigraphs in Jump Digraphs
  Juan LIU, Hong YANG, Hongjian LAI, Xindong ZHANG
  2022,42(5):441-454 [Abstract(428)]  [View PDF 191.73 K (408)]
Deleting Vertices and Interlacing of $A_\alpha$ Eigenvalues of a Graph
  Hongzhang CHEN, Jianxi LI
  2022,42(5):455-462 [Abstract(342)]  [View PDF 106.40 K (325)]
Minimum and Maximum Resistance Status of Unicyclic Graphs
  Meiqun CHENG, Bo ZHOU
  2022,42(5):463-475 [Abstract(384)]  [View PDF 128.88 K (312)]
Finite Groups with $p$-Supersolvable Normalizers of $p$-Subgroups
  Tingting QIU, Jinlian WU, Jia ZHANG
  2022,42(5):476-480 [Abstract(360)]  [View PDF 105.95 K (276)]
On Split Regular Hom-Leibniz-Rinehart Algebras
  Shuangjian GUO, Xiaohui ZHANG, Shengxiang WANG
  2022,42(5):481-498 [Abstract(363)]  [View PDF 168.09 K (243)]
Some Results for a Family of Harmonic Univalent Functions
  Xiangpeng XIONG, Yaqian WANG
  2022,42(5):499-510 [Abstract(574)]  [View PDF 136.97 K (243)]
On the Error Estimation of the Ishikawa Iteration Process and Data Dependence for Strongly Demicontractive Mappings in Hilbert Spaces
  Chao WANG, Honglei FAN
  2022,42(5):511-522 [Abstract(308)]  [View PDF 133.59 K (240)]
Entropy Generation and Thermal Radiation Effects on Nanofluid over Permeable Stretching Sheet
  2022,42(5):523-538 [Abstract(321)]  [View PDF 849.76 K (247)]
Stochastic Responses and Bifurcations of Shape Memory Alloy Beam under Asymmetric Impacting Constraint
  Yuting LI, Jinqian FENG
  2022,42(5):539-550 [Abstract(388)]  [View PDF 6.33 M (415)]