Volume 43,Issue 4,2023 Table of Contents

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Half Inverse Riordan Arrays and Their Related Vertical Recurrence Relation
  Tianxiao HE
  2023,43(4):379-388 [Abstract(292)]  [View PDF 164.23 K (433)]
On the Skew Spectral Moments of Trees and Unicyclic Graphs
  Yaping WU, Huiqing LIU, Qiong FAN
  2023,43(4):389-398 [Abstract(324)]  [View PDF 213.55 K (306)]
The Chemical Trees with Minimum Inverse Symmetric Division Deg Index
  Xiaoli LI, Yanling SHAO
  2023,43(4):399-408 [Abstract(216)]  [View PDF 158.53 K (232)]
The Injective Chromatic Index of a Claw-Free Subcubic Graph is at Most 6
  Xiaoyuan DONG, Yuquan LIN, Wensong LIN
  2023,43(4):409-416 [Abstract(194)]  [View PDF 483.46 K (246)]
Quasi-Central Semicommutative Rings
  Yingying WANG, Xiaoyan QIAO, Weixing CHEN
  2023,43(4):417-432 [Abstract(189)]  [View PDF 229.81 K (265)]
Relative $(b, c)$-Inverses with Respect to a Ring Endomorphism
  Jun JIAO, Wenxi LI, Liang ZHAO
  2023,43(4):433-446 [Abstract(201)]  [View PDF 169.37 K (242)]
Verma Modules over Some Lie Algebras of $W$-Type
  Congcong CHEN, Yongsheng CHENG
  2023,43(4):447-456 [Abstract(263)]  [View PDF 153.84 K (184)]
Grand Generalized Weighted Morrey Spaces for RD-Spaces
  Guanghui LU
  2023,43(4):457-466 [Abstract(191)]  [View PDF 182.28 K (201)]
Existence Result to a Class of Parabolic Equations with Nonstandard Growth Condition and Zero Order Term
  Zhongqing LI
  2023,43(4):467-476 [Abstract(208)]  [View PDF 187.97 K (199)]
A General Existence Principle for Fixed Point Theorems in One Parameter Case of Soft $D_{a}$-Metric Space
  Jeena M S, Lovelymol SEBASTIAN
  2023,43(4):477-486 [Abstract(280)]  [View PDF 171.81 K (185)]
Isoperimetric Upper Bounds and Reilly-Type Inequalities for the First Eigenvalue of the $p$-Biharmonic Operator
  Xuesen QI, Yunguang YUE, Ximin LIU
  2023,43(4):487-495 [Abstract(477)]  [View PDF 183.51 K (213)]
On Heegaard Splittings with Finitely Many Pairs of Disjoint Compression Disks
  Qiang E, Zhiyan ZHANG
  2023,43(4):496-504 [Abstract(208)]  [View PDF 224.96 K (217)]