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A differential-difference hierarchy related to the Toda lattice and its inverse scattering transformation Pending
Reducing subspaces for $T_{z_1^{k_1}z_2^{k_2}+\bar{z}_1^{l_1}\bar{z}_2^{l_2}}$ on weighted Hardy space over bidisk Pending
Essential Norm of Toeplitz Operators on Dirichlet-type space Pending
Coefficient Related Problem Studies for New Subclass of Bi-univalent Functions by $(s,t)-$Derivative Operator and Quasi-subordination Pending
Fekete-Szeg¨ o problem associated with k-th root transformation for the inverse of a univalent functions defined by quasi-subordination Pending
The Horvitz-Thompson Weighting Method for Quantile Regression Estimation in the Presence of Missing Covariates Pending
A New Proof of the Stronger Second Mean Value Theorem for Integrals Pending
Bounds on the $A_{\alpha}$-spectral radius of a $C_3$-free graph Pending
Optimal Lagrange interpolation of a class of infinitely differentiable functions Pending
Asymptotic behavior of solutions to a logistic chemotaxis system with singular sensitivity Pending
Unicyclic graphs with five Lapalcian eigenvalues dierent from 0 and 1 Pending
G^2 blending of cubic Pythagorean hodograph curves with prescribed total arc length Pending
Mk-Type Sharp Estimates and Boundedness on Morrey Space for Toeplitz Type Operators Associated to Fractional Integral and Singular Integral Operator with Non-Smooth Kernel Pending
Spatial Dynamics of Competing Model in a Periodic Unstirred Chemostat with nonlocal delay Pending
Infimum of Topological Entropies of Homotopy Classes of Maps on Infra-solvmanifolds of Type(R) Pending
The Global Attraction of Logistic Equation with Levy Noise Pending
Design of triharmonic triangular Bézier surfaces Pending
The existence and non-existence of steady state solution for a cross-diffusion predator-prey model with Holling type II functional response Pending
Boundedness of an integral operator on Bloch-type spaces Pending
$b$-Generalized derivations on prime rings Pending