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Cohomology of Reynolds Leibniz algebras of nonzero weight Pending
Nonlinear potential analysis in Morrey spaces on Carnot groups Pending
Gabor analysis on finite product of cyclic groups Pending
Properties and characteristics of certain subclass of close-to-convex harmonic mappings Pending
Ding projective modules and dimensions over formal triangular matrix rings Pending
Improved bound of the fourth hankel determinant for a class of analytic functions with bounded turnings involving cardioid domain Pending
On sufficient conditions for $k$-leaf-connected graphs Pending
Sharp bounds for upper and bottom spectrum of Hermitizable tridiagonal matrices Pending
On the Zeros of a Special Class of Polynomials Pending
A decoupling-type strategy for the Allen–Cahn equation on curved surfaces Pending
Cohomology of Lie-conformal algebras with derivations Pending
The Complementarity of Normalized Solutions for Kirchhoff Equations with Mixed Nonlinearity Pending
Advancements in Fixed Point Theorems for α-Geraghty Contractions in Complete Metric Space Pending
On Compatible Hom-Lie Triple Systems Pending
Gradient estimate for a exponentially harmonic type heat equation on Riemannian manifolds Pending
Existence of meromorphic solutions of Fermat-type functional equations Pending
Bi-Jordan n-derivations on triangular rings: maximal quotient rings and faithful module Pending
Enumerating pattern-avoiding Fishburn permutations subject to seven statistics Pending
Multicolor Ramsey numbers on stars versus path Pending