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Harmonic univalent functions related with generalized (p,q)-post quantum calculus operators Pending
Global well-posedness of solutions for the sixth order convective Cahn-Hilliard equation Pending
The Vertex Decomposable Property of Graphs Dual to $r$-Partite Pending
The Singular Integrals on the Intersection of Two balls in ${\mathbb C}^n$ Pending
Double constructions of Frobenius Hom-algebras and Connes cocycles Pending
Estimation of Scale Transformation for Approximately Periodic Time Series with Long-term Trend Pending
On some generalized countably compact spaces II Pending
Relations between the positive inertia index of a T-gain graph and that of its underlying graph Pending
Toeplitz determinants for the inverse of starlike functions connected with the sin function Pending
Curves in $SE(3)$ and their behaviours Pending
Gorenstein hereditary and FP-injectivity over formal triangular matrix rings Pending
The uniqueness of meromorphic functions sharing small functions dealing with multiple values Pending
Minimal rotational hypersurfaces in some non-flat Randers spaces Pending
Almost cosymplectic p-spheres and almost cosymplectic metric bi-structures on three-manifolds Pending
Costar subcategories and cotilting subcategories with respect to cotorsion triples Pending
An improvement of multigrid methods using multiple grids on each layer for parallel computing Pending
A convergent family of linear Hermite barycentric rational interpolants Pending
Complete classification of flag-transitive point-primitive 2-designs with socle M11 Pending
Skew-t Copula-Based Semiparametric Markov Chains Pending
Fine Regularity of solutions to the Dirichlet Problem associated with the Regional Fractional Laplacian Pending