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G^2 blending of cubic Pythagorean hodograph curves with prescribed total arc length Pending
Mk-Type Sharp Estimates and Boundedness on Morrey Space for Toeplitz Type Operators Associated to Fractional Integral and Singular Integral Operator with Non-Smooth Kernel Pending
Spatial Dynamics of Competing Model in a Periodic Unstirred Chemostat with nonlocal delay Pending
Infimum of Topological Entropies of Homotopy Classes of Maps on Infra-solvmanifolds of Type(R) Pending
The Global Attraction of Logistic Equation with Levy Noise Pending
Dynamical analysis of toxin producing Phytoplankton-Zooplankton interaction model with delay Pending
Design of triharmonic triangular Bézier surfaces Pending
The existence and non-existence of steady state solution for a cross-diffusion predator-prey model with Holling type II functional response Pending
Higher order estimates for boundary blow-up solutions Pending
Wasserstein Distributionally Robust Option Pricing Pending
Boundedness of an integral operator on Bloch-type spaces Pending
Finite Two-arc-regular Graphs Admitting An Almost Simple Group Pending
Global Stability of the Deterministic and Stochastic SIS Epidemic Models with Vaccination Pending
$b$-Generalized derivations on prime rings Pending
An inertial alternating direction method of multipliers for solving a two-block separable convex minimization problem Pending
Bounds on augmented Zagreb index of unicyclic graphs Pending
$n$-Gorenstein Projective Modules over Frobenius Extensions Pending
Harmonic univalent functions related with generalized (p,q)-post quantum calculus operators Pending
Global well-posedness of solutions for the sixth order convective Cahn-Hilliard equation Pending
The Vertex Decomposable Property of Graphs Dual to $r$-Partite Pending