On an Inequality for Some Analytic Functions
Received:April 22, 1991  
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Ling Yi Harbin Institute of Technology 
Bao Gejun Harbin Institute of Technology 
Luo Shengzheng Harbin Institute of Technology 
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      Let P(Z) = 1 + P1Z + P2Z2 +…be an analytic function in the unit disc D. In thispaper, we determine the value of φ(α,β) for which Re[P(Z) + αZP′(Z)] > β,Z ∈ D,α > 0,β < 1 implies that Re{P(Z)} >φ(α,β) for all Z ∈ D, and this result is sharp. Some of its interesting consequences are also given. In addition, we give a new univalence criterion.
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