A GC1 Cnbic Interpolant on a Space Mesh
Received:September 09, 1992  
Key Words: free surface   interpolant   space mesh.  
Fund Project:The Project is Supported by the Natrual Science Foundation of China and Partly Supported by Alexander Von Homboldt-Stiftung,and was Compteled During the First Author Visiting Inst. of Math., Freie Univestat Berlin.
Author NameAffiliation
Shi Xiquan Inst. of Math. Science
Dalian Univ. of Tech. 
Wang Tianjun Beijing Univ. of Aeronautics & Astronautics 
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      In this note we derive an interpolation scheme for constructing GC1 surfacesby cubic parameterized polynomials. This scheme can be used to construct GC1 sur-faces over the so called space meshes which are composed of space triangles and spacequadrangles. As a special case, it can be used to construct GC1 surfaces over triangularmeshes. In addition, the results in this note was published as LETTERS in ChineseScience Bulletin (Vol. 36, No. 20, Oct., 1991).
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