On Convergence of the Interpolation Sequence of Rational Functions with Preassigned Poles
Received:February 25, 1993  Revised:March 16, 1996
Key Words: generalized Faber-Dzrbasjan rational functions   Lagrange interpolation rational functions   uniform approximation   mean approximation.  
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Author NameAffiliation
Zhu Laiyi People′s University of China
Beijing 100872 
Gao Shichen Geology University of China
Beijing 100083 
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      Let G be a bounded simply connected domain in the complex plan with boundary ?G=Γ∈C(1,α),0<α<1 . In this paper we estimate the uniform and mean approximation orders of functions in A(G) and E(G)(1<q<+∞)by their Lagrange in terpolation rational functions based on the zeros of the generalized Faber-Dzerbasejan rational functions with preassigned poles in the exterior of G.
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