Periodic Solutions for a Class of Higher Dimensional Delay Differential Equations
Received:November 12, 1995  Revised:June 15, 1998
Key Words: delay differential equation   periodic deley   periodic solution.  
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Cao Jinde Adult Education College
Ynnnan University
Kunming 650091 
Li Qiong Kunming Junior Normal College
Kunming 650031 
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      In this paper, higher dimensional delay differential equations of the form x′(t)=A(t,x(t))x(t)+f(t,x(t-r(t))) are considered, where the n×n matrix A(t,x) and the n vector f(t,x) are continuous in (t,x)∈R×R,r(t) is a delay depending on time t . Using fixed point method, existence and uniqueness of periodic solutions to the above system are proved under defined conditions.
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