On the Transfinite interpolation and Approximation by a Class of Periodic Bivariate Cubic Splines on Type-Ⅱ Triangulation
Received:October 21, 1996  
Key Words: transfinite interpolation   periodic bivariate cubic splines   type-Ⅱ triangulation   approximation order  
Fund Project:Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China.
Author NameAffiliation
YOU Gong-qiang Dept. of Math.
Shaoxing College of Arts and Science
Zhejiang 312000 
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      In this paper, we discuss the transfinite interpolation and approxiulation by a class of periodic bivariate cubic Splines on type-Ⅱ triangulated partition △(2)mn. the existence, uniqueness and the expression of interpolation periodic bivariate splines are given. And at last, we estimate their approximation order.
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