Infinitesimally Stability of C Map-Germs under a Subgroup of A
Received:October 15, 1996  
Key Words: map germ   universal unfolding   infinitesimally stability  
Fund Project:Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (19771035). The first author is also supported by the National Laboratory of CAD & CG in Zhejiang University (A98M13) and the Sciences Research Fund of NCUT (9808).
Author NameAffiliation
ZOU Jian-cheng College of Fundamental Sciences
North China University of Technology
Beijing 100041 
XIONG Jian-fei Dept. of Math.
Qingdao University
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      In [1], tile universal unfolding of C map germs under a subgroup of the group A,which is well known group defined by J.Mather [2], was discussed. In this papersSome conditions are given to characterize the infinitesimally stability of unfoldings.
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