562Almost Excellent Extensions and Homological Dimensions
Received:July 15, 1996  
Key Words: almost excellent extension   f. f. p. dimension   finitistic dimension   FP-injective dimension  
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Author NameAffiliation
LIU Zhong-kui Northwest Normal University
Lanzhou 730O70 
ZHAO Zhi-xin Jiangsu Inst. of Petroleum. Tecn.
Changzhou 213016 
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      Let R be a ring and S an almost excellent extension of R. We prove that (i)r. f. f. p. D (S) =r. f. f. p. D (R ), r. fpD (S) =r. fpD (R) ; and (ii) if MS is a right S-module then the equality FP-id (MS) =FP-id (MR) holds. We also consider the smash product R # G* and establish similar results.
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