Mapping Theorems Involving Perturbations of Nonlinear Multivalued Operators
Received:March 28, 1995  
Key Words: 1-set contraction operator   γ-condesing operators   m-accretive operator.  
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Author NameAffiliation
Wang Weimin Dept. of Basic Courses
Zhejiang Univ. of Tech.
Hangzhou 310014 
Zhao Yichun Dept. of Math.
Northeastern Univ.
Shenyang 110006 
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      It is the purpose of this paper to discuss mapping theorems involving non-compact perturbations of nonlinear multivalued operators. We give some recent results concerning the solvability of the nonlinear functional equation z∈T(x)+F(x), where T is a multivalued operator such that (T+1/nI)-1 are 1-set contractions and F is an 1-set contraction or a γ-condensing. Our results improve the main results in [5,8,12].
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