Some Properties on Baer PP and PS Rings
Received:November 01, 2004  
Key Words: Baer ring   PP ring   PS ring   Strong-Armendariz ring   Ore extension.  
Fund Project:国家自然科学基金(10571153), 新世纪校杰出青年基金(04-0522)
Author NameAffiliation
ZHANG Mian-mian Dept. of Math., Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China 
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      This paper gives some results on Strong-Armendariz rings and the Ore-extensions $R[x,x^{-1}; \alpha]$ of Bare, PP and PS rings. And the main two results are: (1) $R$ is a Bear (PP) ring if and only if $R[[x]]$ is a Baer (PP) ring; (2) If $R$ is an $\alpha$-rigid ring, then $R$ is a Baer (PP, PS) ring if and only if $R[x,x^{-1}; \alpha]$ is a Baer (PP, PS) ring.
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